You all asked for it. Heres part two of our Wildly Successful Honorable Mention series.1

Fleet Foxes Crack-Up


In the interceding years between Crack-Up and Helplessness Blues, Robin Pecknold claims to have gone back to college. But from all indications on this latest release, I’m more inclined to believe he spent at least half of his time on a raft traversing islands in the Aegean.

Most accurately (if dramatically) described as a sea-faring folk prog odyssey, Crack Up first scans as wide, pleasant, and non-descript as the ocean it evokes. But take the time to plunge beneath the foam and it opens up into an intricate system of swirling eddies, glistening sunlight, and treasures beneath the surface.

Even setting aside the byzantine lyrical references (I don’t know what a “Mearcstapa” is, but it makes me want to stuff him in a locker), there’s a trove of instrumental flourishes that reward closer closer inspection, turning them over in your palm like some ancient pocket watch salvaged from the depths.

And if that sounds like a laborious task, remember the old adage–it’s not about the destination.  


  1. Jesus. It’s just one album? What have I become.