Hey Blocland Faithful! I am working on the best albums list and wanted to take a quick break to see how everyone’s summer went. How did it go? Did you go on any trips? Did you take a vacation and say “I may never go back.”? Lol. You did?

Let us know in the comments!

PS – Bloc ate a spider on a dare! We were bunk buddies at Camp Cumonya.

  • Doris Montgomery

    Hooked up with Jennifer from bunk 8

    • Cooolin

      MY Jennifer?!?! 😮

    • lobster man

      Oh! My gf knows Jennifer. You won’t ever meet her though because she just moved back to Canada.

      • PANTSUIT

        She’s at the mercy of Uncle Don now- I heard he’s swooned many a lady in that Port-O-John.

        • Doris Montgomery

          Don best keep his hands off her if he knows what’s good

          • Blochead4real

            Doris with the “GF from Canada” line.


  • LeMonjello

    I stayed cool all summer

    • Saul Wright

      I hoped you would!

    • theyachtmaster

      Some naps, some awkward eye contact, a few day beers.

    • Cooolin

      Did you stay chill?


    I moved to a new neighborhood and managed to make friends with a group of kids who play baseball at the sandlot. Together we went on a series of hilarious and touching adventures. My buddy, Squints, even had his first kiss with the lifeguard at the community pool. We ran into trouble though when I borrowed a ball from my Step-dad. I made my unforgettable home run hit, but the caveat is that the ball flew over the fence and was gobbled up by a man-eating beast! What a DOPE I am! Gee-Wiz. Not only did I steal something that didn’t belong to me, but the ball was autographed by none other than “The Saltan of Swat” BABE RUTH. Boy, was my step-dad going to kill me! The group and I made many unsuccessful, and hysterical attempts to retrieve the ball, but it wasn’t until my good friend Benny did the unthinkable. He strapped on his new pair of PF Flyers and pickled the beast! Man, oh Man is Benny a great pal or what? What a summer- and guess what guys? The beast ended up being a really swell pup and I was able to give my Step-dad an even better replacement for the baseball I destroyed. I gave him a ball signed by the ENTIRE 1927 NY Yankees!!! Can I say I hope S’more of my summers are this super FOR-EV-ER!!

    • LeMonjello

      I almost choked on a hot dog, but some baseball ghosts from the cornfield saved me. I think. Summer feels like a long time ago now.