Los Angeles dodged defeat in game six while the Astros offense came crashing to Earth like the Challenger. Fortunately, that means we get a game seven, and more time to stare at L.A. heartthrob Cody Bellinger…

Unfortunately Cody wasn’t smiling yesterday, as he struck out four times. But he could smash a walk-off home run tonight and be the least surprised out of anyone. He’s just got that swagger, like Jack from WDW.

Regardless of what goes down in game seven, the Dodgers and ‘Stros should join forces to start a boy band after this series. Look at George Springer and tell me he couldn’t be the next Timberlake, or at the very least, Howie D. …

Anyway, you came here for jamz, not gifs of beautiful baseball men. So here we go. Which jam will lead its team to the ultimate triumph?

FOR HOUSTON … The city’s own Beyoncé powered the Astros to a game three victory with her anthem “Countdown.” So for a game seven anthem, we’ll let the boys bop to the Beyoncé of Southern cloud rap. “We play all through the late night,” Travis sings wistfully about a baseball game going into extra innings. This song works as both a pump-up anthem and a celebration banger, and the Astros will certainly hope it becomes the latter.

FOR LOS ANGELES … There are so many goddamn L.A. musical artists to choose from. Buckcherry? Incubus? Naw, this crew is too laid back for such dense and intoxicating music. These Dodgers are gonna spend the offseason with a Corona in one hand and a surfboard in the other. And I’ve got the perfect Beach Boys track for these chill dudes…

I can’t wait for tonight’s game, but goddamn, I’m dreading the end of this series. That’s why I’m proposing that next year’s World Series — instead of a best of seven — is a best of 69. Send a postcard to MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred in support of our idea. If he receives 12 postcards, he’s legally required to change the rules.

This has been a presentation of BLOCLAND SPORTS.

  • Saul Wright

    Best of 69? That’s juvenile, man. BLOCLAND Sports is better than that. You’re better than that, Colin.

    I propose best of 420.

    • Cooolin

      Excuse me, we’re trying to get Mr. Manfred to take us seriously here.

    • DFrye

      Best of 66(6):