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Man, 2017 was rough, huh? Not a single good album. Literally every album sounded like a wet fart. We kept this mom-and-pop music blog alive by saying nice things1, but really, it was all garbage water.

But the changing of the calendar is a time for new beginnings. Right? So put down your Wendy’s Junior Bacon Cheeseburgers, little ones, because things are gonna get juicy. Here are our most anticipated albums of 2018…


Jack Avery – Why Shan’t I?

Sofa Cushion – My RompHIM is Your RompHIM

Justin Timberlake – Man and his Wood

Mumford and Sons’ EDM Prog Rock Opera – Xanadu’s Meadow

Record Store Day Exclusive Re-Release of Duncan Sheik’s ‘96 self-titled. On teal Vinyl.

Jack White – Single Servings and Artisanal Potions from My Boarding School Days (Available only on Wax Cylinder)

Another Gorillaz Album that you’ll listen to like 1.4 times

The Chainsmokers – How Many Times Do I Have To Tell You … DON’T OPEN THOSE MEMORIES

365 New Albums from King Gizzard and The Wizard Lizard Shizzard

Katy Perry’s inevitable pivot to her authentic Americana roots

Saul Wright’s Album (Saul Wright’s AOTY 2018)


Coldplay – A Pocket Full of Clouds

Charlie “The Truth” Puth – One Hit Single And Some Dog Shit

KLVRTAKPRAWN – Blood Nuggets2

Morbid Demonic – Triumph of Blood of Satan (The Reckoning)

Chromatics – Dear Tommy

Your cousin Jared’s album on bandcamp. You should give it a listen, he could use your support. Please.

THE PERFECT ALBUM – Who will it be? Time will tell, but this is the year, we can feel it. The praise will be universal. Every critic will resign or die out of pure satisfaction.


Did we get them all? Dear readers, what are YOU excited for this year? How much shrimp  will you eat?3

Happy listening!

  1. someone sponsor us
  2. BlocFest 2018 headliner
  3. answer: not enough
  • Doris Montgomery

    The Perfect Album aka a WoD and KANYE collaboration titled “An Insight into Monarchy”

  • Caleb Tripp

    as always, i’m just here for the shrimp

  • DFrye

    Holy fuck I had no idea KLVRTAKPRAWN was coming back with some chewy new nuggets! It’s a bit soon after the debacle that was Hemoglobin Goblins but damn it I’m excited.

  • Donnytilla


  • Saul Wright

    I’m really looking forward to my album.

    • Black Antlers

      I’m looking forward to your album too…in fact far more so than my own.

    • Cooolin

      FYI I’m releasing my album the same day.

      • Saul Wright

        Now I’m really excited.

        • Cooolin

          Basically it’s like Kanye vs. 50 Cent circa 2007

  • lobster man

    You people are dreamin’ if you don’t think everyone’s anticipating Tinashe’s trap&b masterpiece.

    • Cooolin

      If it somehow ever gets released, I’m actually excited about this album.

  • Black Antlers

    Where is Auto Erotic Disc Grinder – Black n Decker Vivi Sector.

    • Doris Montgomery

      gonna make our Best Grindporn albums list

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