A monkey pissing in its own mouth.

Born in Australia in 2001, Jet quickly came to prominence with the release of an EP, some requisite NME hyperbole, and a record deal with Elektra. They quickly blew the FRICK up with their initial album, 2003’s Get Free – oops I mean Get Born produced by Dave Sardy and featuring the keyboard styles of Billy Preston – he played with the Beatles you know. All this information is from Wikipedia.

A fairly easy rise, riding the coat tails of the New York indie rock explosion. I don’t think Get Born is a great album, but it’s certainly not a horrible album. “Human Clay” by Creed is certainly a worse album. The songs on Get Born are solid and written to be hits, and they did their job well. Pitchfork’s review was cruel, though the music is trite. And “Are You Gonna Be My Girl” is bad.

But one song on this album rises above the turd. I’m talking, of course, about “Look What You’ve Done.” A ballad that sounds like the blueprint Tobias Jesso Jr. found in his piano bench, or whatever. This baby was built for an OC soundtrack and that is HIGH praise.

That final build that closes out the track? Man. All this talk about, “What is chillwave?” “Is this tightwave?” “Is this sick?” “Are you chill?” Fidget spinners. Fuckin’ politics and stuff. Kid Rock.

Leave all of it in the rear view, baby. Settle back and let 2003 wash over you. A simpler time, sort of, and the diamond atop Jet’s brief stay at the top. Pretty tight.

  • alteph.

    Is the Pitchfork review for Shine On the lowest score they’ve ever given anything?

    • Cooolin

      A few other albums have gotten 0.0. Sonic Youth’s NYC Ghosts & Flowers … Zaireeka … uh, a Liz Phair album.
      Last 0.0 was 2004 so not even Make Believe got a 0.0.

      • Black Antlers

        Apparently Brent DiCrescenzo who gave that Sonic Youth album 0.0 has come round to it’s charms in the intervening years. At least in this case P4K didn’t redact his original review and pretend it didn’t exist. Not the lowest score I know but Andrew WK’s I Get Wet was awarded 0.6 when it first arrived and 8.6 for the release 10 years later. I’ll let you guess what side of the fence I come down on with that one.

  • Cooolin

    That was P4K’s best piece of writing

    • Black Antlers

      It might be P4K’s best piece of writing but nothing beats “Shit Sandwich”.

      • Cooolin

        A man after my own depraved heart.

  • Cooolin

    But seriously, I’ve been hearing this track for over a decade (always thought it was just fine) and I never realized it was the same band that did How You Gonna Be My Girl.

  • inthedeadofknight

    “Move On” ain’t too shabby as far as somewhat shiny, somewhat less-smelly turds go either. “Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is” makes 19 year old me wanna fuuuuuuck.

  • Doris Montgomery

    The brownest diamond yet

  • meat

    Just gonna leave this here. As you were…


  • lobster man

    Could you imagine a rock band coming out with a song like “Cold Hard B” now? Suddenly the monkey seems like they were going easy on them.