Blocland recently ran our annual, and wildly popular, midway point of the year top 20 AOTY. The entire staff at Blocland votes on this and the lack of inclusion by favorite (and dear personal friend) Father John Misty was, to say the least, STUNNING. I sat down with bestie Joshster to try and make sense of it all. Please enjoy this chat between us. And know this isn’t a massive superstar sitting down with an influential media gadfly. It’s two pals enjoying cheap cigars and sangria

Bloc: Howdy pal. How goes the struggle?

FJM: Bloc…can’t lie. Things are rough. I am mortified and mystified by my lack of inclusion in the Blocland top 20 thingy.

Bloc: No more than I am, buddy. It’s stunning, right? It’s been gnawing at me ever since we published the damn thing.

FJM: What happened there, bruh? I mean I know you and I are thick as thieves but I genuinely thought that extended to the site that bears your name? Are you just a face (a beautiful and kind face, obvi blocster) around there but wield very little actual influence?

Bloc: We’re a pretty even handed corporation. And although the name of the site has my name in it Doris runs the place. I don’t want to tell tales out of school…or smear the name of our leader…..but she can be “prickly” Remember that time you and I were have a tequila and Mountain Dew shots party in the breakroom and she was all “Bloc, FJM….in my office, NOW!”

FJM: Memories like that are what keep me going, bloc-a-tini

Bloc: Ok….I’ve kept the cat in the bag too long here. I talked to the guys and I know why you were left off the top 20

FJM: WHAT!??! WHY?!?!? I’m having a f’ing existential yet internal ironic semi-crisis of faith/non faith that more or less dovetails back into confidence but then spirals back into self doubt and pity over this. There might be a dash of whimsy in there as well………

Bloc: From what I gather ALL the writers at Blocland treated your album like guys treat supermodels. Like this one………

But not unlike the supermodel who sits alone every saturday night because all the men simply assume she MUST HAVE A DATE none of us voted for you. We all assumed the others were putting you at number one and thought it would be better to slip in a lesser known (that’s funny, right? Cuz EVERYBODY is lesser known) artist than yourself. Summing up: we were fools.

FJM: Bloc-o-matic you are the fucking best.

Bloc: I know.

FJM: Seriously, THE BEST

Bloc: Again, I know.

FJM: I would’ve never figured this out.

Bloc: I know that as well. That’s why you are the most important artist of your time and I am the most insightful media gadfly on the planet. Suffice it to say……….YOU ARE OUR UNANIMOUS #1 FIRST HALF OF 2017 ALBUM OF THE YEAR.

FJM: If this was a real interview and your awards meant a fucking thing this would really mean so much.

Bloc: I know.

  • LeMonjello

    He KNOWS, Josh!

  • Doris Montgomery

    Wow. Glad you two could set things straight

    • Blochead4real

      It was tense, boss. FJM can be very needy. And me…even more so. We just sit and need so much. We talk about things and hopes we need filled. And then get in arguments about which of us is more needy. We both take tons of pride in our neediness. Ultimately he’s more needy. He put it on some “wish board of irony/need/self righteousness and loathing” but I couldn’t follow.

  • theyachtmaster

    It appears Bloc is off his medication again everyone

  • Donnytilla

    Damn. This brought a tear to my eye. I can’t help but wonder if 311 had something to do with this oversight. If the Russians hacked your elections, maybe they F’ed our vote. Blimey.

  • Padfoot24

    I had it at numero uno Joshy. Blame yacht

    • Doris Montgomery

      We could all blame Yacht for something

  • Cooolin

    Is “Bloc-o-matic” a name we can all use or is that ONLY a thing between @blochead4real:disqus and FJM?

    • Blochead4real

      It’s the name my folks gave me. I go by Blochead to keep it simple. You know, for the masses.