lips land on a tender mouth

a bee on a flower

the lord gives and gives


hands on your back

“good job colin”

a kiss on your head

from the editor


the nights calm

pizza hut gone

shrimp is all we have

a kiss from the editor


for the bathroom 

not clean

no kiss from the editor


talk in the hall

who will be next

who will be next

editor will never tell

but expect a kiss

at the screech of a bell



  • cheap_suit_jr_jr

    You are so lucky that you’re also the head of HR

    • Don

      I am the head of HR and this will be investigated though it appears to fall under the heading of “Employee Artistic Expression”

  • Cooolin

    we are so blessed

  • Blochead4real

    The talent is so real

  • lobster man

    butterfly kisses to you all

  • LeMon

    Eat your heart out, Rumi!

  • DFrye

    “A beautiful poem” lolz

  • Saul Wright

    I’m feelin the love

  • Don

    Wow this is so sweet and sexy thank you boss

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