New year new buzz. Not many additions to this one. Maybe I’ll do another if I get some responses. But anyway her she is. 

The Blocland Buzz

Hop Along “How Simple”

The new track from Hop Along picks up where they left off. With guitars, drums, bass and vocals. Frances has one of the best voices in music. When I hear her sing I am happy. 

I am Blocland’s #1 Hop Along fan. Caleb is 2nd and Meat is 3rd. 



Pressure Cookers

I done cook food in this real fast like. LA is in Norcal so I love Pressure Cookers. NorCal and SoCal are the same. California is all the same. Cooking with Budlight Lime and then having a sip in my pressure cooker. What a life!


State Shapes

From the sultry to the naughty we rank the Top 5 State Shapes.

5. Louisiana

Louisiana has a little pee pee. A little ding dong.

4. Texas

You know the saying. Everything is bigger in Texas. This state packs some heavy heat but has the curvature for gentle spooning. We’re bonkers over Texas. 

3. Hawaii

The state of many shapes. 8 different shapes in all. I’d like to see you try and name em all. We go wild over the variety Hawaii has. Truly 8 of a kind!

2. Michigan

The state shape you bring home to daddy. Michigan has it all. Curves, points, dips and multiple pieces. Naughty and mysterious. We’d hate it if we could. 

1. Virginia

Follow her curves down to her point. Grab the point and caress it til she’s done. Then work her from behind with her island. Yea. She’s a naughty girl. 

-The Staff

  • Doris Montgomery

    cant stop thinking bout penetrating virginia

    • Cooolin

      Virginia looks like it’s ready to pounce

  • Blochead4real

    My words rings true.

    • Doris Montgomery

      you love budlight lime

      • Cooolin

        Bloc’s pressure-cooker lime-a-ritas are legendary in NorCal

  • Doris Montgomery

    bloc took 2 days to write that blurb. he’s getting better!

  • Cooolin
    • Doris Montgomery

      denied. and flagged for removal

    • lobster man

      Looks like an old man examining his deli bowl of soup in disgust.

      • Cooolin

        *examining Idaho in disgust


    Can’t hate on the mitten- otherwise you won’t get your water ration when the aquifers all dry up

    • Doris Montgomery

      Water is the next oil

  • Saul Wright

    Made some carnitas in the pressure cooker last week. They were carnitastounding.

    • theyachtmaster

      Did some pork chili verde last night. You fry your carnitas after the cook or broil them in the oven?

      • Saul Wright

        Ate them right outta the pressure cooker. That’s not a bad idea, though.

        • theyachtmaster

          Sorry but they aren’t carnitas if they aren’t crispy. Also, not my idea, it’s just the way it’s traditionally made.

          • Saul Wright

            That’s what I get for listening to

          • Doris Montgomery

            Stop fighting you two! Right now

  • Saul Wright

    Bonus points for all states that are part of the man frying chicken.

    • Doris Montgomery

      I love this man

      • Saul Wright

        Honored to have grown up in this man’s nipple.

    • Cooolin

      Why is his bulge holding up the pan.

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