Hey All. Your Admin had some bad oysters and has been visiting the toilet very frequently the past couple of days. It’s been a harrowing journey and I now walk with a cane. The struggle has allowed me to focus on the good in this world. So what’s good that’s buzzin’?

Good Oysters

I love a good oyster with mignonette. The shallots and vinegar do wonders when paired with the briny and slimy oyster. Oysters on the half shell are a fun meal to eat with friends.

Also I like an oyster that doesn’t give me violent diarrhea for two straight days.

Cake for Birthday

Three Blocland staffers had birthdays this month.

Saul, PANTSUIT and Colin.

Please wish them happy birthday in the comments as the office plans on doing nothing for them.

Fever Ray



Halloween Costumes for Animals

Cats dressed as sharks. Dogs dressed as minions (good google search). Scorpions dressed as Tommy Lee Jones. The possibilities are endless.


Getting Blocked on Twitter




  • Saul Wright

    Happy Birthday Saul, PANTSUIT and Colin!

    • Cooolin

      Thank you, please send cake with ample frosting.

      • Saul Wright

        For 3 years of my life, I was literally making hundreds of pounds of buttercream every week so you’re askin the right guy!

      • lobster man

        We can only afford the frosting.

        • Cooolin

          That’s actually perfect, would have just thrown the cake part out anyway.

          • lobster man

            I’ll keep that in mind. This is a no waste office. That sort of frivolity is for websites with ad revenue.

          • Cooolin

            CBS should pay us for all that Young Sheldon buzz we generated.

          • lobster man

            It’s the number 1 show on tv for a reason.


      :3 Thanks! No cake please, just Ice Cream!

  • lobster man

    How about tommy lee jones dressed as a scorpion? Does that play?

  • DFrye

    What Saul said! Not the frosting part.