1Locutus of Borg

Locutus of Borg really gave Jean Luc Picard a weight and fragility to his persona that had only been hinted at in the prior three seasons.



2Kewpie Mayonnaise

It’s got a cute baby on the bottle and it’s chock full of delicious MSG.

312 String Guitars

They own and 12 strings are relevant to the new Alvvays album, whenever that comes out


4Alex Cameron

Check out this video.



Why are they so goddamn expensive? They’re just a piece of random material that keeps your pants from falling down. And even when your pants fit snuggly around your pelvis, you still have to wear a belt because of those oppressive white-collar norms. They’re also shitty and start falling apart on you after a couple trips to the bathroom. Completely useless bougie accessory.


6“Oh Baby” LCD Soundsystem

It’s like listening to a dream
I also think my irrational love for it is a reaction to my utter distaste of “Dance Yrself Clean” 7 years ago. So I’m freaken’ out about “Oh Baby” a lot.



  • LeMonjello

    Good buzz in the land of bloc today!

  • raptor jesus

    We’re also buzzing about Twin Peaks but NO SPOILERS Saul still needs to watch, so shut up talking about Twin Peaks already, gosh!

    • Cooolin

      I also need to watch. Important question: Do I need to finish the original Twin Peaks? I got to about episode 14 of season two but I stopped because it was turning into puke.

      • LeMonjello

        That’s exactly where one should stop (I haven’t watched new season)

      • lobster man

        I’m surprised you’ve gone this long without finishing it.
        But yeah season 2 is the worst but it redeems itself at the end. And yes you should finish it. Also watching Fire Walk With Me might help. Just watch Fire Walk anyway cuz it’s dope.

        • Cooolin

          Well after THE REVEAL it just fell apart and I moved on. But I suppose I’ll watch the last two episodes. And definitely Fire Walk as well. Thanks everyone! You’re all the best!

      • raptor jesus

        You could skip to the last two episodes of season 2 and be fine I think. Definitely need to see the finale of season 2. Then you MUST see Fire Walk With Me as the new season deals more with what that movie uncovers than the original show.

    • Saul Wright

      Thanks, RJ. This space is the only place I have left.

  • Cooolin

    My love for that Alex Cameron track has gone beyond mere buzz.

    • Blochead4real

      The lyrics to Real Bad Lookin’ are beyond hsyterical. “Daewoo Sauna” Need I say more?

    • Saul Wright

      It was stuck in my head all day. Might be my favorite chorus of the year.

    • Doris Montgomery

      more buzzworthy than a bumbled bee after a coffee from Starbuck Co.

  • lobster man

    I’m so goddamned buzzed

  • Saul Wright

    Great buzz today team. Gonna share the heck out of this on facebook.

  • Saul Wright

    “Oh Baby” is a pretty damn good song. As far as the rest of the album, well… “Oh Baby” is a pretty damn good song.

    • Cooolin

      Exactly how I feel, Saul. Exactly how I feel.

  • meat

    You don’t even want to KNOW what I’m buzzing about.

    (I mean that literally, as I was not asked…😢)

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