This one comes from George in Scottsdale:

Hey Doris,

Love the site! Full of great information on Caddys.

I have a question about the 96 Caddillac. In previous and future models the Caddillac had two reverse options: fast reverse and slow reverse.

Why did Ford change it for the 96 Caddillac?



Thanks for the question George. Glad you love the site! Hows Scottsdale? Cold?

Anyways, the 96 Caddillac only had one reverse option because the place where you shift was not big enough for multiple reverse options. This was an error by the mechanical engineer.

Consumers tried to demand Ford to issue recalls on the faulty model but Ford denied any wrong doing stating that it was “an update in style.” We know that’s hoo-ha now but Ford was able to get away with it in 96 when recall laws were substandard.

The car was able to reverse but with middling results. Speed demons and slow angels were rightfully upset. Ford saw the error in their ways and returned to the multiple reverse systems and even tried a 3 reverse model in 2012.


  • Blochead4real

    I owned the three speed reverse model. And to be honest it was a bit much. But it really was a barnburner. No other Ford Caddillac could touch it when going backwards. Putting the shifter on the back of the passenger seat was an interesting choice.

  • meat

    that car is a piece of shit. my uncle glen had one. he was a pervert.

  • DFrye

    Love me a Pinto.