The beautiful 1983 Caddillac


This one is from Kyle in Love from Ontario:

Hey Doris,

I have a 1983 Caddillac and I was wondering if I should upgrade my wheels from 8″ to 10″? Will this impact my torque at all?


Kyle in Love, Ontario

Hey Kyle in Love,

Thanks for your question! I would suggest going up to 9″ with your wheels. Enlarging them to 10″ might be to much of a shock to your engine and turbines. If you go up to 9″ it will allow your engine to adjust to the change gradually without being overworked.

Your torque will definitely be impacted. Anytime you go up in wheel size your torque goes down. Think about it like this: for every half inch of wheel added you subtract 100 torque.  I’d say make the move if you are willing to lose torque for style.



  • meat

    yeah, and totally fuck the carburetor. stick to reviewing folk rock, farm girl.

    • Padfoot24

      boom spit-roasted

      • Doris Montgomery

        i wish 😉