Turns out that XXX. by U2, featuring Kendrock Lemur is NOT the most self-righteous song on the planet. Glad we at Blocland decided to wait until we heard the album before making up our hivemind’s opinion.

Now… I don’t really have much more to say. It’s too early/new to articulate thoughts using words and shit. So I’m finna use some memes and shit instead.

when kdot use a sound bite from Fucks and Friends talking shit about BLM using yo song.

when DNA bang the whip so hard it shakes u down 2 yr chomasomes

when u hear kdot tell u to keep the family close and u realize he got drake’s number

when kdot be rattlin off truth bombs on FEEL and he be like “fuck u if u get offended”

when Rihanna come along and do whatever she DAMN. well please

when u realize XXX is the best thing U2 ever done did

when it fades into FEAR and blows yr damn suspenders off

when GOD come on and make u all existential and hungry and shit

when DUCKWORTH ends and you forget how to say the word DAMN.

I will update with more Damn .gifs later. Please leave some more in the comments, or in this post if u happen to have edit privledges.