• It It’s officially summer, even tho it’s been hot as fuck for weeks and this whole “summer begins on the longest day of the year” thing is bullshit. That means it’s offically bop n’ yam season.

Enter “all bops no cops” a manifesto of pop bops meant to keep yr summers schwifty, and keep those fucking shoobies from playing “something just like this” or the new Killers song at yr next summer cookout.

WARNING: When you throw this bad boy on, you may find that…

  • The windows on your car will automatically lower as your cruise control magically sets itself to 69 mph, no matter what road your on (so be careful).
  • All the Coronitas (Glenn’s favorite, RIP) will flee from your cooler and pour themselves into the toilet in shame.
  • Your grandma will stop listening to Sean Hannity and go outside to enjoy her twilight years instead.
  • All hot dogs will remain hot dogs, because hot dogs fucking rule, and anyone who thinks otherwise is a fascist.
  • Your summer school homework will be completed for you by blocland’s team of genetically altered monkeys and the bowl of shrimp will refill itself.
  • Any nudes “accidentally” sent from your phone will remove themselves from the internet.
  • That person of the opposite sex on Tinder might actually work out in the long run.
  • Your job will still suck. But it’s cool because some of your tweets match actually get likes.
  • The police will continue to accept their bribes of sweet, delicious shrimp in exchange for ignoring what’s in Doris’ basement.
  • And many more side-effects to come as we discover them!

What I’m trying to say is that I made this playlist full of bops, and only bops, because it is fun. And fun is good, especially in the summer.

One thing of note/Mega kudos are due: Recently bloclands master bakers of perfectly crisp rock n’ roll playlists served up the revelatory Lifevests and Helmets 2: Safety Second. It is a meticulously sequenced slice of heaven meant to rock yr face off from front to back IN THAT ORDER. This playlist is decidedly not that; the only thought that I put into sequencing this baby was to put “Cut to the Feeling” first because duh. This is very much a SHUFFLE PLAY playlist (so feel free to use the skip button, y’all) It is also a work in progress. As I find more bops, I will adds dem. Suggestions welcome, but subject to be shut down without mercy. The only artists I have duplicated on purpose are Lorde because…

… and Vince because for the chillenz.

  • Blochead4real

    Is gud musics.

    • Padfoot24

      Yeah dats wat bops r dum dum :*

  • LeMonjello

    drop top, pop bops…. uh…..

  • raptor jesus

    Mmmmm that Clams Casino / Vince combo breaker at the end. Me likee.

  • Cooolin

    SHIIIIIIIT this is a great playlist.

    I already get likes on Twitter. But they all come from you guys and a few fellow Rockies nerds. Will cool rosé drinkin’ patio sittin’ irony driven millennials start liking my stuff now?

    • Padfoot24

      I’m getting more likes in two ways:
      1) bein weird
      2) @ing pop stars

      Glad u enjoy the bops! Tell yr frens, cause this sucker needs mad followers.

      • Cooolin

        Been bopping this on my road trip. Mountain-pass bops. Middle-of-nowhere bops. Great bops!