What the fuck is a BagBak? I have no idea because I’m dumb.

Anyway this song is

So freaky it make my face be liek

And den lyk dis

Cause FDT right? Vince always doin it 4 the chillenz.

And we here at blocland cant thank him enough for that. Instead, we can tell you to follow his Snapchat account, username: poppystreet. BAM! That’ll get u like 3 more followers Vince. Don’t say we never gave u nothin 4 doin shit 4 tha chillenz.

Oh yeah, here’s the track:

  • DFrye

    This is a quality post. I need to go back to noob school. No school on Frye-day though. No sir and/or madam.

  • Blochead4real

    Vince is comprised solely of fire and the newly found element badassaanum. Scientists are trying to find other sources of badassanum other than Vince. Nothing to report as of yet.

  • Doris Montgomery

    My dick off

    • DFrye


  • lobster man

    Yes “bagbak” even slipped through my vast knowledge of rap slang, but I think I know. Vince may be taking liberties with the spelling of “bag back” which, according to urban dictionary and confirmed by the good folks in the comment section over at genius, is a phrase used to inform people to leave you alone. Or simply “back off”. I’d use it in a sentence but the examples at ud were riddled with words I’m not comfortable using.

    • Padfoot24

      Ah! Thank u kind crustacean!