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I’ve Heard It: Migos – Kull-cher

Raindrop Droptop SKRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRT This has been "I've heard it." You can also heard the album up there. Beware: everything you know and love will ratchet the fuck up 2 beast mode.

Mastodon – Sultan’s Curse

We here at Blocland are incredibly proud to bestow on you and the world our exclusive stream of the new Mastodon track "Sultan's Curse" off of the band's upcoming album Emperor of Sand. Just to clarify,...

What Were We Just Talking About?

Just got back from Jeanine's ice cream party in the Blocland breakroom.  Apparently some young punks decided to hotbox my office while I was away.  It smells like skunks in here.   It's hard to concentrate....

Dope New Metal Song

Check out this dope new metal song by the most metal band I've ever heard. Metal, metal metal. Meddle? Mattel.

Oranssi Pazuzu- “Värähtelijä”

Well here's an interesting band. Finnish quintet Oranssi Pazuzu don't seem to give a single shit about which metal subgenre they are tossed into. Wait, scratch that. These people don't seem...

Punk or Metal? Motörhead – “Overkill”

In the early 80's thrash metal pioneers Metallica, and others that would soon follow, would combine the powerful forces of punk and metal. 35 years or so later the lines between the two greatest outsider genres...

Fuck Fascism. Listen to Kreator.

  We live in a time where key members of the classic metal bands of yore either claim to never discuss politics and current events or make outrageously stupid or heinous comments over social media. There's something...

White Reaper – Judy French

It's so chrome.   [youtube]

Lite 105

Meat and I made this 1980s schmaltz-core playlist a few months back. If your concerned about potentially not staying not a virgin in 2017, this should do you right as rain.