Movie Gets a Full Name (& You Get a Playlist)

Nostalgic nerds rejoiced today when the Star Wars people announced the name of the next new Stars Wars film. They're going to call it Star Wars 8: The Last Jedi which is almost as good as the title I...

Hot Take Alert: Cavatelli is the best pasta

Look at it. JUST LOOK AT IT. sauce goes into all of those little places. Come at me tagliatelle.  


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Football Score


In Memorium: Stars We Lost In 2017

Check back in as this story develops.

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What your favorite kind of pizza says about you

We all love pizza! What does your taste in pizza say about you? BBQ Chicken - You're not afraid to be different than the norm! Pepperoni - You are a handsome, creative 25-year old white male...

Larry Legend

All hail the Birdman


Like all great music, most of Talib Kweli's discography has been concerned with one timeless subject: the Presidential Inauguration of Donald Trump. Talib Kweli is a legend in rap music circles, especially among the Old Heads and people...