New Beginnings

I'm currently blasting Power Trip via Sonos in my new office. I was made the office DJ in week one. Forgive them, for they know not what they have done.

Leave The Planet – “Surrender”

Good Morning Blocland readers. Here's a little gem our own Lem, the voice of Blocland, stumbled across recently. East London based dream pop duo of Nathalie Bruno and Italian Jack Milwaukee released a...

Testing the New Blocland Review Feature – Do Not Click

Just taking a look at her. Don't pay me no mind. Carry on.

Extra! Extra! Blocland Commenter California (AKA God of Sex) is Real Good at Fucking

Blocland Commenter California is a God of Sex. I know this isn't exactly breaking news (ask any of his ex-lovers and their hundreds of orgasms) but we just had to report it. Word is that he knows...

All Music Is Shoegaze If You Try Hard Enough

Really makes you think, huh?

Welcome to February: The Month of the Gopher

Welcome Mother Gopher. We are here to celebrate Mother Gopher's month of February. February is named after Mother Gopher Februarisiss, the world's first Gopher. Follow me in Februarisiss's prayer: "We pray to suckle from Mother Gophers ample breast in order to enrich...

Help Wanted: A Zoo Correspondent

We need someone to identify the animals in the zoo. Please send resumes to Thank you, The Team at Blocland (fax might be best)

Did someone order another playlist?

We're keeping listeners contented this week with another curated selection of satisfying tunes. This time around, we're serving up the best in lady six string slingers. Think of it as "coffee house singer songwriter" but the...

The Night Josh Tillman Came To Our Blog

If you haven't been living under an wifi-resistant rock, you've probably read our revelatory review of Father John Misty's newest record album, Pure Comedy.  What you may not know, is that in order to facilitate the early-listening...

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