Playlist: One Man Bands 1969-1980

Each of these Seventies Guys™ made an album all by themselves, playing and overdubbing every instrument. Here is a short chronological collection of some of their songs.


In times like this, we the people must remember that it is not words and sentences that matter, but #feelz. And we the people of Blocland #feelz for our brothers, sisters, and meatballs of Sweden. So I'll shut the fuck...

The Best Ryan Adams and Whiskeytown Songs

Ryan Adams' new album Prisoner was released today and in celebration of that here's a playlist of all his best songs. Just a reminder of the amount of great tunes Adams' has blessed us with.   Ed. Note: Author went through...

Blocland Mix #5: A Cure for Indigestion

I put Alka Seltzer directly into my mouth the first time I tried it.  This week's Blocland Mix is all about the harmony between men and women. Between stomach and acidic foods. Darren's inclusion of metal has me...

Blocland Mix #4

What the world really needs now is giving women like these more listens. You should start here.   Playlist photo: Virginia Hanusik

Blocland Mix #3

This one is a bit all over the place.  Photo Cred: Kim Holtermand

Weekend Post

Another fucking playlist.  Content is sparse. Enjoy your weekend. Dor Picks #10    

Lite 105

Meat and I made this 1980s schmaltz-core playlist a few months back. If your concerned about potentially not staying not a virgin in 2017, this should do you right as rain.    

Doomsday clock moves. We’re (totally not really) fucked.

Have u heard? Those old white dudes who pretend to know everything, along with actually knowing a lot of crazy shit, moved that paper clock thirty seconds today thanks to the President Orange the United States. I don't...

Blocland Mix #2

Hushed badass.