Lite 105

Meat and I made this 1980s schmaltz-core playlist a few months back. If your concerned about potentially not staying not a virgin in 2017, this should do you right as rain.    

Doomsday clock moves. We’re (totally not really) fucked.

Have u heard? Those old white dudes who pretend to know everything, along with actually knowing a lot of crazy shit, moved that paper clock thirty seconds today thanks to the President Orange the United States. I don't...

Blocland Mix #2

Hushed badass.

Lifevests & Helmets

Whether you live on The West Coast and are probably literally drowning or live anywhere else in our great land and are emotionally drowning on this most horrific of inauguration days in history you are gonna...

Anyway, Shit Didn’t Work Out

A plankowner (also referred to a plank owner and sometimes a plank holder) is an individual who was a member of the crew of a United States Navy ship or United States Coast Guard cutter when...

Bloc’s real life sex playlist

These songs are kinda weird, pretty fast, and all over in less than two minutes, except for "Intro" by the xx because everyone knows u can't rush foreplay. Some of the titles make me giggle.

Blocland Mix #1