Meat’s Picks: Impending Doom Edition

Will statue-hating libtards destroy American culture?  Will a hurricane destroy Texas?  Will a shitty new song destroy the "reputation" of one of our most beloved pop-stars?  These are the questions weighing on us as we head...

dogshit whisperer №2

Listen up, you lucky little so-and-so's! I'm kicking off a new weekly Spotify playlist called dogshit whisperer, a repository for "interesting" (i.e. less indie-blog-friendly) sounds I've been enjoying throughout the week. Click this link to find and...

Bloc Panther – “Hi, I’m Gimmicky As FUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK”

Hey guys! Here's a playlist I came up with that I thought you might enjoy!!! First person to guess the deeply hidden theme wins a special one on one reading of The Jungle Book...

The Mist: A Playlist

I live in a deep valley that often gets swamped with thick fog and mist for days on end. This last week has been particularly bleak, the fluffy Christmas-time snow gone stale and now just a...

Blocland Mix #3

This one is a bit all over the place.  Photo Cred: Kim Holtermand

Lite 105

Meat and I made this 1980s schmaltz-core playlist a few months back. If your concerned about potentially not staying not a virgin in 2017, this should do you right as rain.    

Meat’s Picks

Wow, is it already Friday again?  I'm on vacation so let's keep this short and sweet.  I'm changing up the vibe a little bit today (what can I say, I have extremely diverse, expansive, multi-cultural tastes)...

Popcorn Shrimp 1: BUCK-IT. We’re Doin it LIVE!

Have you ever eaten a bucket of popcorn shrimp by yourself? Please confess in the comments. I promise we won't tell anyone. Straight from under the heat-lamp for over two hours, welcome to Popcorn Shrimp! A new...

Blocland Mix #2

Hushed badass.


ZAPPA Zappa zappa zappa zappa zappa zappa. Zappa zappa zappa zappa zappa zappa zappa. Zappa zappa. Zappa zappa zappa zappa zappa zappa zappa zappa zappa zappa zappa zappa. Zappa zappa zappa zappa. zappa zappa zappa zappa zappa zappa. Zappa zappa zappa zappa zappa zappa zappa zappa zappa. Allman Brothers.