A Northern soul in Southern Lands found his way into Japandroids’ hands. He has three words to say about it.




Does shitsnacks count as two words, since I removed the space? Whatever, I’m playing fast and loose with the rules here.

Anyhoo, it was all ass-kickey, with no susprises whatsoever. A comically large amp stack driven by a kinetic Brian King. David Prowse’s fist-pump-ready drum lines. All tied together by a “mosh-pit” chock full of sensitive dudes, and an all-you-can-shout-buffet of gang vocal chourses with plenty of oh-oh-oh-oh-ohoh-oh-OH’s for dessert.

It was also as life-affirming a concert experience as I’ve ever been to. So. Much. Fan. OMgosh.

Also, I’ve got to say the new songs sounded much better without the studio wizardry. I get why they went for it, and I still really like the album, but there’s something about these two dudes just kicking the shit out of their instruments that makes for Rock n Roll alchemy. And seeing that happen for the new songs made them click that little bit more.

Then, right before they closed the set with “The House That Heaven Built,” Brian said something about his voice straining he made a remark about times “when this wasn’t water and we weren’t taking care of our bodies.” It hit me. The new songs were never meant to stand up the break-neck life-or-death anthems that they made their name on. They stand beyond them, as a document of the same dudes in a different time, having fun in a different way and finding new ways to survive. That’s pretty damn, cool if you ask me, and way better than an attempt to make “Younger Us” 2.0. Hell, if they keep taking it easy, maybe they’ll have it in them to make another dad rock record to tour behind, so this sensitive dude can have another awesome night screaming his face off.

Overall rating: 8/8

Disclaimer: I took some footage of the show, but I’m not posting cause it’s full of my dumb ass screaming like an idiot. Sorry, but not really because there’s tons of live videos on YouTube that look and sounds way better than anything I could have taken.

  • Doris Montgomery

    why is 8 the max on your rating scale?

    • Padfoot24

      8-song albums

    • raptor jesus

      Because he r8s an 8 out of 8 m8

  • theyachtmaster

    I hear that once Dpad saw a rock on the way to the office and passed out because he got so excited

    • Padfoot24

      fake nooz

  • raptor jesus

    Seeing these gentlemen on Tuesday. Color me stoked!

    • Padfoot24

      Yr gonna have so much fun

    • Cooolin

      See you there.

      • raptor jesus


  • Blochead4real

    What do you need to know about the Senior Correspondent staff @ Blocland? We’ve got folks at Japandroids and people @ Power Trip/Iron Reagan….on a motherfucking thursday. THAT’s who we are.

    • DFrye

      We like guitars A LOT.

  • Cooolin

    OH SHIT they’re going to be in my hood on Tuesday. Glad I checked. xD xD xD

    • Cooolin

      Hey, why doesn’t it make a dank emoji when I type an emoticon? Someone get IT on this NOW.

      • Blochead4real

        Doris can you have Gene get with the IT team on this glitch?

        • Cooolin