Some of you may know that old Saul Wright here is the proprietor of the LISTENTODELION online music blog. For 5 years, it featured live music videos almost everyday. The archive is impressive but the site has sadly fallen into disuse over the last year as Saul Wright has focused his time and talents on Blocland and pretending he’s Vangelis with his midi keyboard.

Blocland will occasionally be highlighting some of the LISTENTODELION original content to shine some fresh light on old and abandoned but still virile playlists. Today, let Saul Wright whisk you away to the turbulent and exciting times of early 70s Germany.

In the late 1960s, a new sound was spreading through Germany. These avant-garde jams drawing upon psychedelic rock, funk, jazz, classical minimalism, and proto-electronic music were called Krautrock by the English music press. By the early 70s, the scene in Germany had largely split into two camps: the Düsseldorf School and the Berlin School.

The heavily rhythmic and percussive Düsseldorf School featured the likes of Kraftwerk, Can, Cluster and Neu! This mechanical music continued with a robotic version of the Motorik beat and was highly influential on synthpop and techno to come. The Berlin School took the components of Krautrock and the emerging modular synthesizer technology in another direction.

Pioneered by the visionary collective Tangerine Dream, the Berlin School made spacey, fluid music that was often slow, mysterious and without a steady beat. Their use of sequencers (often as the rhythm, melody and harmony, all at once) was revolutionary. Their focus on sonic textural exploration was the predecessor of ambient, new-age and electronic music. In this mix, we explore the Berlin School with a focus on it’s beginnings in the early 1970s.

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