Back with a fresh pack of cigs and premorbid COPD the chainsmokers ring in 2018 with a song that says they are lit, chill, and sick.

There’s a lot to unpack here. First, the 90’s rap rock revival aesthetic has arrived via cover art by LAmour Suprim (who? lol).

A lot of basic people look at this cover and think, “Weird. Maybe lame.” But as for me – I thought the same thing. It seems the eyeball men are the media, always watching with their stupid cyclops eye heads. One of the media people is in a spaceship, probably a comment on those HOLLYWOOD airheads from space. The ICP-esque things in the middle I’m assuming are supposed to be our boys. Devilish, and up to no good. But which smoker is the sick boy? BOTH. SICK.

The music video has a sick stranger things vibe, boy. White floaties all around. Likely a comment on chemtrails or pollution, or maybe just the fluff of the media. The one smoker looks like Hopper from stranger things. I guess the singer is supposed to be 11.

But the smokers go deep on this one. They took a look in the mirror and saw themselves. Saw their own souls. Let’s dip (into the lyrics)…

“I’m from the east side of America
Where we choose pride over character
And we can pick sides, but this is us, this is us, this is
I live on the west side of America
Where they spin lies into fairy dust
And we can pick sides, but this is us, this is us, this is”

Somebody call a doctor – this boy is sick, as fuck. Here, the smokers are talking about the coasts of the United States. There’s the East coast, where pride is important, not character. So if you’re a piece of shit, it doesn’t matter because we’ve got pride. They’re obviously talking about the GOP backing of Trump. Fuck outta the way Coldplay: the boys are getting political.

This is Us, This is Us. Not a great show, but I bet they appreciate the shout out.

Now there’s no love lost with the west coast and the boys spit that venom for the bozos in the media hollywood clandestine empire. We can all pick a side – East, West – but this is who we are, like it or not. (This is us… this is us…).

“And don’t believe the narcissism
When everyone projects and expects you to listen to ’em
Make no mistake, I live in a prison
That I built myself, it is my religion
And they say that I am the sick boy
Easy to say, when you don’t take the risk, boy
Welcome to the narcissism
Where we’re united under our indifference”

Here the boys flex that armchair psychologist muscle, calling out these right wing FAKES for their projection (the smokers probably meant reaction formation) and their narcissism. The prison is the one he created for himself – the prison and religion of narcissistic self-interest and indifference for all else. Many people are saying that this is not unlike the boys from Why Don’t We and the way they neglect those that try to help popularize their sound and devote a whole week on their teen website. Namaste.

“Feed yourself with my life’s work
How many likes is my life worth?”

Here the smokers talk about their selfish fans who they hate, feeding their gluttonous bellies with their latest EDM pop smash. “Eat up, kiddies, this is the work of my life that you feed yourself with, you scum” they’re thinking. But remember, the boys built this prison for themselves. They are the sick boys. They have built their value and self worth on “likes” while feeding this churning cycle with their latest shit and recognizing that this is all meaningless and they hate themselves for it. But they can’t stop, because they is the they is the theyis the sick boy. The chainsmokers are america, and america is sick, boy.