Look, people, musical writing is not my strong suit.

This is rock, this is punk, this is post-punk. You know this, and more importantly, you love this.

Some moments and aspects I enjoy from this album:

• The charging energy of Another Thing, with the titular sneers.

• The ‘I fear it, I fear it, yes I fear it!’ chorus in a quasi british yelp.

• The echoed Clash-like yell of ‘they won’t exist!’ in this album’s relatively introspective ‘Fade’

• All 2:55 of ‘I’


I look forward to what B Boys are capable of when they really start exploring.


B Boys’ album ‘Dada’ is out now! give it listen, you’ll enjoy. 



  • Caleb Tripp

    i too enjoy this.

    • Doris Montgomery