Angelo De Augustine is for Insomniacs:Recently my circadian clock went out of whack resulting in restless nights where I lie awake from gloam until dawn. During these weary hours of solitude, when an anabolic state seems dream worlds away, I introduce my sleepy, Earthling ears to Angelo De Augustine’s recent release Swim inside the Moon.The album’s hushed whispers, colloquial lyrics and drop D tuning pack more zzZs than a dose of melatonin chased with a mug of sleepy-time tea. Swim inside the Moon consists of nine tracks totaling short of 26min listening time. Not the most exhausting news for my fellow insomniacs, but during that quarter hour, be assured to suspend away with the eventide.

“Truly Gone”, the first track to make the passage into our ear canal, asks “won’t you elongate the time to open both our minds up?” tonight let us lose our names and stare at the shadows swaying rhythmically along the bedroom ceiling. Though Augustine mentions Cannabis, DMT and Dimethyltryptamine, I’ll assume lack of sleep as the cause for my own failing cognitive functions.

“Crazy, Stoned & Gone” was released as a single back in May. The song came accompanied by a music video animated by Sufjan Stevens. In it, brightly colored creatures swirl around in a transient dance to softly strummed chords and Augustine’s murmur singing “You had all control/Of your mind/ Of your mind and soul”. Yet, awake we lie, though this relationship seems to be blooming. Seven billion humans populate this world, but tonight we spend our time with Angelo De Augustine and the sensations are languid. After all, don’t we just want to occupy our time with someone?

“We waited for the day to come / but if the day never shows his face to you/ When you’re in the mood/ To be lifted off your two feet” continues Augustine’s sweet lullabies. Afflicted by the nervous systems refusal to slumber, I imagine my mother replicated in the melody. Thousands of nights have passed since the last time she hushed me to bed with similar swoons. Here, I am a child again and this tune cradles me with euphoric bliss.

Augustine’s flourishing talent is favorably showcased in “On My Way Home” as his fingers sweep along the frets, an attribute lacking from his 2014 album Spirals of Silence. Swim inside the Moon has swerved Augustine’s sound away from appearing as another carbon copy of Elliot Smith as some critics have sized him up to be. Instead the nature of Augustine’s compositions are delicate, perhaps even jovial. An unexpected channel to flow from the hollow-eyed, grizzly, musician.

Completely unaware of time, is this dusk or is this dawn, “Dreaming of the Moon” begins to play and we’ve neared the end of the record. The galaxies outside our window urge us to join them in their cerulean orbit. it’s time to meditate our thoughts into the vast sky and lie our weary heads to rest. Goodnight.

  • Doris Montgomery

    i need more night time music in my life

    • Blochead4real

      Yet another Sunbather moment.

  • Cooolin

    Really intrigued by this. Does it work for afternoon naps?


      For normal humans, yes.

  • Saul Wright

    Heard this dude a while back and dug it. Thanks for the reminder!