Verdant black/green metal artist Otrebor returns on the 1st September with a new Botanist album, the curiously titled “The Shape of He to Come”. On the evidence of its title track the album will once again feature much of Otrebor’s unique ‘black metal played on hammered dulcimer’ approach, although this time the sound is the product of a full band rather than a purely solo expression.

“The Shape of He to Come” is the first of the “Collective” series, meaning that it diverges from the model of Botanist studio albums as the result of Otrebor doing everything, and instead recording more like a full band with distributed responsibilities. “The Shape” stands as a testimonial to the work, time, and effort that six people put into rehearsing, touring, and composing from the years 2013-2016″.

So, expect further Botanist ‘band’ recordings in future. In the meantime content yourselves with the frankly awesome title track which somehow manages to be both restless and restful at the same time.

  • lobster man

    Sooooo weird which is obviously a good thing. I’ve never heard the term “green metal” but it’s pretty apt for Botanist.

    • Black Antlers

      I know it’s kinda jokey but green metal works, although I’m not proposing a new sub-genre, rather it’s a term that works simply for Botanist. That hammered dulcimer renders a pretty unique atmosphere, I can almost feel the leafy tendrils encircling.