They may not have the ears of the fake, lamestream music media, but since its inception, the P.C. Music label has transcended its novelty roots and become an unstoppable electro-pop juggernaut. Artists like GFOTY, label-founder A.G. Cook, and sweet Hannah Diamond are refining their craft while creating some of the best pop music of this decade, and now producer/heartthrob Danny L. Harle has a new EP that showcases the relentless charm of P.C. Music circa 2017.

The title-track, “1UL” is just HUGE … sporting an aggressive beat with raging synths and an euphoric chorus that adds a melancholy touch with the hook, ”So touch my body / that’s what you want / But don’t touch my heart / as if I could ever be the one you love.” It’s sweaty, sexual, massive, and beautiful. The comedown, “Heavy Eyelids,” is an endearingly off-kilter slow jam. Phoebe Ryan’s vocals are perfectly imperfect — if that makes sense — marking a jarring contrast between this delivery and the fearless confidence of the vocals on “IUL.”

However, Danny stumbles a bit with “Happy All The Time.” The hook is cute enough, but the production is rudimentary by P.C. Music standards (and comes precariously close to recalling the Eurodance abominations you’d hear on Dance Dance Revolution in the early ’00s). But “Me4U” — which was covered on this site before — is the ideal palate cleanser, and it remains a total fucking delight and a natural closer to the EP.

Join Blocland in keeping the P.C. Music flame burning bright, folks. This is good shit.

  • lobster man

    I’m glad we have a team working on the front lines of PC music.

  • Blochead4real

    Blocland has their wagon firmly hitched to the PC Music horses. AG Cook, Hannah, Diamond, GFOTY, and DHL are all wonderful. Don’t get me started on PC affiliate SOPHIE. Cuz SOPHIE

    Great article….great little EP

    • Cooolin

      Thank you! I’m curious about peeps opinions on this one, too. Anyone want to defend Happy All The Time?

      • DFrye

        I would but ain’t my place. I was just hoping Charli was here.

        • Blochead4real