I’ve Heard It: Destroyer – Sky’s Grey



Welp. This one came out of nowhere. A bit of background: I cherish all Destroyer. Sky’s Grey isn’t going to change that. It’s basically an instant classic. In some ways this feels like a perfect distillation of the many sounds and styles the Destroyer has been able to embody over the years: the quick pace of the quiet wood blocks and hi hat., Dan’s remarkable vocal timbre – delivered (at least in the first half) in his whisper/spoken style, the abrupt change to woozy synthesizers and tremolo guitar. Over this all, Dan’s opaque lyrical work will have me pondering this track for the rest of the year. ┬áThis song feels equal parts sad and reassuring, teetering on the existential brink as only Destroyer can. We’ve had endless candidates for Song of the Summer, but this feels like the first true song for Autumn.

Destroyer’s new album, Ken is out October 20th. Pre-Order Here

Listen Here:

  • Caleb Tripp

    guys, its really good

    • theyachtmaster

      Would you say he Destroyed you? Alright high five

  • raptor jesus

    Also: don’t pre-order music ever. Just ask yr local record store when they’ll get a copy. Just trust me on the pre-order thing. I have stories.

    • DFrye

      I’m still waiting on my Big Fish Theory pre-order.

      • raptor jesus

        Just got an email that the Beyonce Lemonade vinyl I ordered for my sister’s birthday in March is BEING SHIPPED at the end of THIS month.

        • DFrye

          It’s honestly discouraging.

    • Black Antlers

      Unfortunately my local record store sucks balls so I have to get most of my stuff online, although I’d love to have a decent store to patronize. I find it depends on the label, there are some that are excellent so I always pre-order from them e.g. Profound Lore who without fail manage to get my pre-orders across the pond and in my hands before the album has even been released, sometimes weeks ahead of release date. There’s also some artists I deal directly with and they throw in numerous bonus extras which is nice. As a general rule it seems that if it’s a small indie label/artist you get better service although I have been stung by one small label and I had to set the credit card hounds of hell on them. Still one out of hundreds is pretty good. I never pre-order from larger labels or bands though.

  • inthedeadofknight

    Caleb, I thought of you and the few brief discussions we had on Destroyer’s infinite awesomeness on the Spotify messenger. I went to play it on Spotify and saw you were already on it. This is a great, great day.

    • Saul Wright

      I fucking love Destroyer and I love this song. It does seem like they have an infinite number of awesome albums and they keep crankin em out. I will never not love this band.

    • Caleb Tripp

      Unlike Poison Season, which took me a while to realize how much i love it, this is immediately arresting, a good day indeed

  • lobster man

    I heard the record… it’s alright.
    Actually this song is really good. You see what I did there?