Ever wipe bleu cheese dipping sauce from your lips after gorging down 9 Pizza Hut wings and ask yourself, “I could use a nap!”?

Look no further Blocland reader, as the new extra drowsy dipping sauce Narkopop has been unveiled.

If you ever suspect content creation is dropping here at Blocland, blame this album. Colin & I will be napping to Narkopop in the conference room for the remainder of the day.

Please don’t tell Glenn. Someone needs to be awake to keep the site running!

  • Saul_Wright

    It’s only been one day but I’ve already tested this album’s Nap and Breakfast capabilities and I’m happy to report that it excels in both situations.

    • lobster man

      I can attest to both.

    • raptor jesus

      It caused an 8 hour “nap” for me so be warned! It ain’t fucking around.

      Also, I’m going to need this “overtime” approved Doris. Colin may or may not still be asleep in the conference room.

      • Doris Montgomery

        Approved but only because the research is legitimate.

      • Doris Montgomery

        i napped to this yesterday