I’ve Heard it: Nathan Salsburg – Third


First, there is “Timoney’s”, a winding and whirling three-minute instrumental that seems to happily announce “once upon a time” to Nathan Salsburg’s 35 minute album Third. Timoney’s brings me back to Michal Hromek’s 1990 recording, Celtic Guitar, that my Father would pop into the boombox above our refrigerator when I was a kid. Instinctually, on my first listen to Third, I laid in the middle of the floor and daydreamed to the solo guitar riffs just as I did with my Father. I could mention here that “Timoney’s” is a nod to Liam O’Flaherty’s folk tale “Timoney’s Ass”. I could, but I won’t. I could also ramble about my affection for Bonnie “Prince” Billy which would contribute to my attachment toward this record. Again, I could.

Second, there is the imagery. Each track Salsburg composed has a richness refreshing to what one thought they knew about Americana folk guitar. Listening is like watching Queen Anne’s lace become a continuous, fluffed white, mass along north country roads. It is watching your Grandpa’s paper fingers light a Lucky Strike and yarn about the unimaginable legend he was as a young boy. It is being scolded harshly for disappearing along the winter iceberg landscape to find, for just a moment, silence.

Third is a Salsburg’s narrative. Third is the listener’s narrative.

  • lobster man

    This writing style is perfect for this album. Nice work pants!

  • Saul Wright

    This guy is a genius!

  • Cooolin

    You’re describing the feelings I get listening to this album but don’t have the words/brains to convey.

    Also, great for naps.

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