Mr. James Soundsystem has returned!

The new album that will be here maybe this year seems to be taking a firm stance on America’s greatness.

First song “call the cops” is about dancing at a fiesta while blasting this song so loud the neighbors call the cops because they’re racist. The music video will probably look like this except swap Vince with James and we’re done here!

Second song “american dreamen'” contains a lyric about vinegar strokes:

So you never even ask for names. You just look right through them as if you already came.

These will be BBQ 4th of July party staples by June!

  • Blochead4real

    There’s so much to unpack here. Not to add fuel to the fire but I’m Tom Hanks.

    • Cooolin


    • Doris Montgomery

      You’ve really mastered this cliche.

  • Cooolin

    I’ve always been been lukewarm on Mr. Murphy, but “Call The Police” is better than anything from This Is Happening. He sounds unleashed. Am I hearing some serious U2 influence? Damn, that’s a track.

    “American Dream” sounds like a B-side.