Punky Texas thrashers Power Trip have returned with their brand of knuckle dusting hardcore savagery, and the timing couldn’t be better. Unlike recent, polished (and also excellent) efforts by relative newcomers Vektor and scene veterans Kreator who rely on clarity and technical prowess to get their point across, Nightmare Logic is a fist-wrapped-in-kerosene-soaked-barbed-wire dick punch. And it hurts so good. The booming, cavernous production (sounds like those drumsticks each weigh a ton), buzzsaw riffs, and raging, spittle-soaked vocals make one thing clear: Power Trip is pissed and they’re going to fuck you up.

Power Trip getting ready to Nazi-stomp (that’s the author’s interpretation only).

Nightmare Logic is the full-length follow-up to 2013 debut (plus a whole lotta splits/EP’s) Manifest Decimation, and they’ve doubled down on all the elements that made that record great, while simultaneously trimming the fat. Clocking in at a lean fighting weight of 32 minutes, Power Trip channels a mashed up concoction of equal parts Exodus and Cro-Mags with just a dash of DRI and dumps the whole filth-infected brew on your stupid fucking head. The manic urgency and off-the-rails delivery means this is not merely throwback re-thrash, however. Prurient’s contribution to “Waiting Around To Die”, which introduces the song with unsettling electronics and concludes it with bizarre and creepy sampled vocals, is masterful and adds a disturbing undercurrent to all of the unchecked rage. Prurient do what Prurient do, yet somehow it works perfectly.

Have I mentioned the wild, dive bomb guitar solos yet? They pop up and disappear faster than America’s credibility on the world stage, like a sonic version of Whack-A-Moldy-Pumpkin-Fart. Somewhere in Valhalla, Jeff Hanneman is smiling while crushing a case of green-bottled German beer (get at me you-know-who for some of that SWEET Blocland traffic!). A band named Power Trip releases an album called Nightmare Logic the same week as President’s Day, 2017. Coincidence? Probably.

Nightmare Logic is out this Frye-day 2/24 on Southern Lord records.

Check out “Executioner’s Tax” below: