Phil Cook, creator of 2015’s incredible Southland Mission and Hiss Golden Messenger cohort, posted a semi-cryptic message on the mobile photography application Instagram yesterday.

Heads up folks, announcement coming tomorrow!

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Also tagged in the photo are Tamisha Waden (singer) and Shirlette Ammons (artist). I think this means new music. I hope this means new music.

This post will be updated soon.



It’s 11:05AM and still no word.


It’s here! It’s more of the joyful kind of music Phil Cook has perfected. Perfect for spring. Listen below:


Listen to Southland Mission while you wait.


  • Doris Montgomery

    We are not on the scene. Can anyone rent us a helicopter?

    • Doris Montgomery

      I run this website so if Phil or Hiss even breath its gonna get covered.

  • lobster man

    I listened to some of Southland Mission last night. So far it is indeed incredible.

    • DFrye

      Yes! Great album.

      • Saul_Wright

        A Blocland favorite. It’s a classic of the decade in my book.

        • lobster man

          I like that the most covered genres on this site so far are folk, ambient, and metal.

          • Doris Montgomery

            wheres that dang metal column

          • DFrye

            I’ve been slacking (as if that isn’t obvious). Between work, being sick, and all the travel it’s been tough. But this weekend I am going to pull my head out of my ass. In short, lobster has not been dragging his claws. I have.

  • lobster man

    Looks like that shirt could use a good ironing though.