Lorde recently revealed she had run her song “Green Light” by famed producer Max Martin. Who told her the song had ““incorrect songwriting” Which I think means “won’t be a hit” Well it certainly remains to be seen if Mr. Martin is correct about his summation of the song. Max Martin is very good at what he does. Let’s let that dawg lie………………….

What’s for GOTT DAMNED sure is ARCA is chalk full of ““incorrect songwriting”

Enjoy this example!!

  • theyachtmaster

    Ah, also know as “The Karate Song”

  • Padfoot24

    Brought to you by Reddy Whip and the Society for the Social Acceptance of Whip-Its

  • DFrye

    Devo approved.

  • raptor jesus

    I’m starting to think Arca subscribes to Kink Quarterly.