Blocland’s Best Albums of 2017

Around the Halfway Point

A Regrettable Post


Well it’s come to this. A list. Your admin tried to prevent it but here it is. A fucking list. The staff made me do it.

Also marketing said a list would generate massive traffic that would help us land that coveted Foot Locker Sponsorship. We all want that Foot Locker cash so I had to do it.

Anyways here it is. I polled anyone who has posted at least one dumb article on this site. Here are the results:



20. First Hate – A Prayer for the Unemployed

19. Charly Bliss – Guppy

18. Jake Xerxes Fussell – What in the Natural World

17. Migos – Culture

16. Vanbot – Siberia

15. Planning for Burial – Below the House

14. Bask – Ramble Beyond

13. Perfume Genius – No Shape

12. Pallbearer – Heartless

11. Run the Jewels – RTJ3



10 Spoon

Hot Thoughts

With the departure of the Walkmen, the title of the most consistent working band in America was uncontested and Spoon slinked up to the plate to hammer out an LP made for both the dance floor and your headphones. Packed with the touches that mark the best Spoon albums, Hot Thoughts saw the fellas slinking into groovier territory, while Britt’s lyrics allude to some of the strife that the past 12 months have had to offer. Call it Socially Conscious Dance Rock. Call it a contender for album of the year. With hooks this sharp, this one will be rattling around your head for days. Hot thoughts indeed.





09 GAS


Of the many aliases Wolfgang Voigt records under, GAS seems to be the only one that matters. Narkopop is the first GAS release on Kompakt, the record label co-owned by Voigt. It also comes 17 years after his previous release, Pop, which is also partly where Narkopop gets its name. All of this is to say, the minimal techno king has returned. Voigt influenced plenty of similar artists, often by releasing their music through Kompakt. Mostly, Voigt helped pioneer the sound of a distant 4/4 pulse with washes of synthesizers orchestrated like a conductor. The sound is enough to keep your attention while letting it float past the infinite. Many technological advances have been made since the year 2000. To hear Voigt return to a musical concept influenced by tripping acid in forests with the addition of computerized efficiency, we’re left with the densest and most stunning album release of 2017. Narkopop will continue a legacy nearly forgotten.





08 Sampha


Sampha’s enigmatic Process is equal parts urgent electronic soul and soothing piano balladry. The chilly, sharp production belies confession of personal tragedy, sadness, and strife. Process, rooted in the warmth of home, reminds us of the melancholy truth – we can never go back.



07Blanck Mass

World Eater

While the cover has you gritting your own teeth in preparation for something violent and pulverizing, World Eater is, true to its name, more like the soundtrack to descending into a black hole. Intense but undeniably beautiful, the electro doom-metal of “Rhesus Negative” bleeds into thumping electronic cascades of sparkling samples and glitchy, synthetic grooves. There’s a palpable tension that climaxes in the “Minnesota / Eas Fors / Naked” wall of noise that ends – inexplicably but masterfully – as a bare-bones vaporwave track. In other words, somehow … IT WORKS!

-Colin G.





06Julie Byrne

Not Even Happiness

Light finger-picked acoustic guitars… An airy, melancholy and kind voice wafting overhead… Gentle, orchestral flourishes occasionally painting the background… It’s a folk music formula as old as time. But when executed with such expertise, precision and intent combined with Julie Byrne’s exceptional songwriting, Not Even Happiness can be as moving and exciting as anything you’ll hear. Byrne doesn’t exactly innovate with her sound here, but these known qualities along with her confident and affecting voice (as both a singer and songwriter) help her to build a world on this album – a world you’ll keep coming back to.

-Saul Wright



05the XX

I See You

Why did you ask me about this album? It didn’t make my list. Please leave me be. I have important business to take care of. Please. I am very busy. I run a very successful music blog. Surely you’ve heard of it?! Check us out sometime! What are you doing for lunch?




04Jens Lekman

Life Will See You Now

Jens is one of those lyrical masters who manages to be both specific and meaningful. He’s a story teller in both word and music. Closer listening to Jens always yields clever production, humorous one liners,  engaging stories, and genuine emotion. Sometimes darker and heavier emotions than the light swede-perfect melodies would lead you to initially believe. And Oh! those perfect Swedish melodies.



03Kendrick Lamar


We don’t deserve Kendrick Lamar. We deserve to get our asses kicked by Kung Fu Kenny. DAMN. finds KDot as the reluctant warrior, delivering a flying sidekick to our collective sternum in an effort to remind us how fragile we are and maybe even resuscitate our hearts.





02White Reaper

The World’s Best American Band

When White Reaper announced their sophomore album would be called The World’s Best American Band, not a single writer on this site batted an eye. After blochead and meat got everyone around these parts to check out their debut full-length White Reaper Does It Again, we knew this band had more in store for us. Simply put, White Reaper continue doing it again on their newest album. Lead single “Judy French” ended winter and “Daisies” summoned the flowers out of the soil. Doris has already bloc’d off a chunk of summer vacation to visit Eagle Beach whilst listening to “Eagle Beach” for “research.” blochead and myself have both interviewed this band. colin just bough tickets to see them at the end of the month. After seeing them live earlier this year, I told lead singer Tony Esposito, “I think you just ruined the album for me.” As if the roaring crowd that you hear at the very beginning of The World’s Best American Band wasn’t a big enough hint, let me make it clear: Seeing White Reaper live is required to understand what is at work here. If there was ever to be a rock revival in music, White Reaper would be our nominated representative to lead the charge. Now if only we could make the girls dance.






After decades away, Slowdive return with an album that feels all at once of 2017 and where they left off more than 20 years ago. [Beautifully put. -Ed.]


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