I.M. Mentalizing
Black Mecha – I.M. Mentalizing

Black Mecha is the drone project of Fortress Crookedjaw who serves as one half of the blackened noise outfit, WOLD. The sophomore album, I.M. Mentalizing, takes a relatively laid back approach compared to WOLD’s output and Black Mecha’s debut album, AA. But take the phrase “laid back” with a grain of salt. This is a guy who goes by the moniker “Fortress Crookedjaw”, after all. The music is cold, bleak, emotionless, and deceivingly minimal. What we have here is Crookedjaw taking opposing melodies and slamming them together until they form a cohesive wall of sound or fall apart. The whole album sounds like an 80s video game successfully eating itself. Listen to it below.

I.M. Mentalizing is out now. Purchase it via Profound Lore Records with the weird URL thing below.

Black Mecha – I.M. Mentalizing

  • Doris Montgomery

    im playing this game called Axiom Verge. This is like that

  • DFrye

    Man, haven’t listened to WOLD since Screech Owl. And I only listened to that like twice bc it scared the ever-loving hell outta me. This is like that.

    • lobster man

      Yeah this is creepy shit but I usually more focused on what’s happening to the melodies. It’s real weird.