We lost our only sponsor today. As a result we have been making massive cuts and layoffs. Auto post bot is still inoperable and we don’t have the budget to fix him.

Today has been a horrible day.

Anyways heres something. Or whatever.


  • Blochead4real

    We’ve hit bottom. And now….like a Phoenix….we will leave Wolverine unsatisfied AGAIN.

  • raptor jesus

    Desafio though… Desafio

    • Blochead4real

      THAT’S the exact reason we do this.

    • lobster man

      That whole album though.

  • lobster man

    Not only that but I think we lost 2 twitter followers. I never knew this would hurt so much.

  • onigiri

    Great songs! Awesome that you featured a Tokyo band, those guys are solid. Still have yet to see them though.