Good day to you, Dear Reader!  You might have some ideas about Mark Kozelek, frontman for Red House Painters, Sun Kil Moon, and solo artist.  And due to some peculiar late career public instances some of these ideas might misinform you about his actual music. We aren’t here to discuss those relatively trivial parts of Mark Kozelek.

With a career that’s spanned well over 25 years now and a dizzying amount of recorded music it would be a shame for his legacy to be something other than his wonderful music. 

That being said the head honcho her very own self, Doris, Caleb Tripp, and yours truly put together this far too short “greatest hits” playlist.  We limited ourselves to 25 minutes of KozTunes each.  A proper CD length playlist, if you will.  It spans his entire career (and fittingly includes one of his many wonderful covers) and is a nice primer if you aren’t familiar with his work (and perhaps don’t know where to even START), or acts as a reminder to those of you that love him but have strayed from the flock.  Blocland sincerely hopes you enjoy this Taste Of Koz, the songwriter of a generation. 



  1. I do not edit posts by Bloc. The multiple spaces between sentences are left in. They are annoying to edit out.
  • lobster man

    Fave Koz tunes:
    Carry Me, Ohio
    New Jersey
    Have You Forgotten
    Uncle Joe
    Summer Dress

    • lobster man

      and Drop

    • Doris Montgomery

      we share the same #1 <3

      • lobster man


  • Doris Montgomery

    i cant defend koz post benji

    • lobster man

      The Possum, Birds of Flim, and God Bless Ohio are all good, but that’s about as far as I’ll go. I tried Common as Light and Love but I couldn’t get past Chili Lemon Peanuts so maybe I’m missing out on something.

    • Caleb Tripp

      I can

  • Doris Montgomery

    okay ceb cruiser is great

    • Caleb Tripp


  • Cooolin

    Nice to have Bloc pop in every once in a while

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