Big news, people! The most buzzed about band in metal are back with a new single titled “Honeycomb”. And, let me tell ya, it’s a real motherfucker. “Motherfucker” in the sense that there’s a lot to unpack here. The track begins with gentle ambience, a trick that’s pretty par for the course with these guys, before dropping the fucking hammer almost instantly. From there the band weaves in and out of nearly every facet of their personality. We get the slow building dirge of “Baby Blue” before getting into “Sunbather” black metal fury which then leads into a guitar solo lead post metal excursion before closing on gentleness reminiscent of “Gifts For the Earth”. But this band has a way of taking the familiarities of their past material and making it feel new. The accompanying video features a lot of intriguing studio footage and the band frolicking around in a park. I love everything about this. Check it out below.

From now until this album drops, it’s going to be very hard to get me to shut up about Deafheaven.

No news on an album yet, but I bet it’s coming.

  • Bumpus Jones

    this is a beach boys video.

    great song though

    • Doris Montgomery

      yea. but mike love seems to be missing

      • lobster man

        Brian Wilson video

  • Black Antlers

    Haha, didn’t take you long. I’d have expected nothing less. These kinda promos are for me a bit of a double edged sword. I want to listen, so I play it to get a flavour (and tbh to check they haven’t dropped the ball), but then I don’t want to listen to it too much as I don’t want to ‘wear’ the track out prior to the album release. Ditto for the YOB one.

    • lobster man

      Haha there’s a chance this was the first blog post on the web about it.
      I’ve listened to it three times now…

    • DFrye

      I’m with you. I will probably check this out once or twice more but that’s it.

      This album is going to rule.

      • lobster man

        Alright now that I’ve gotten a fourth in I’m gonna put it down for a bit

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