The calendar may say Halloween’s over, but that doesn’t mean you have to take down your bat wall decals and pull the plug on your George Romaro marathon just yet. Yesterday, the United Kingdom based label UK Gloom released a curation of tracks produced by particularly eerie set of lo-fi artists titled “Ghosts // Halloween Compilation 2017”. Included in the compilation is “Du machst dich wieder lächerlich” by the puzzling Swiss drone pop musician Debutante.

The lyrics are all in German and I have no idea what they translate to in English, but Debutante describes the track as “Sludge pop about my inferiority complex”. Months ago we featured Debutante’s “No Mirrors”. “No Mirrors” was a lot to take in and somehow this new track features even more to wrap your head around. Like “No Mirrors”, “Du machst” starts out with an unnervingly quiet atmosphere then continuously builds with seemingly opposing elements to an engulfing climax. Check it out below.


Ghosts // Halloween Compilation 2017 is out now on UK Gloom.


    Jetzt muss ich Deutsch lernen!

    • lobster man

      I don’t know what this means

  • Cooolin

    This is bizarre.

  • Black Antlers

    Mein luftkissenfahrzeug ist voller aale.

    • lobster man

      Ok this is getting out of hand