From somewhere around 2003-2008 I used to go to a used CD and book store on my lunch break. Just thumbing through 100’s of CD’s virtually everyday allowed my brain to reset a bit and make the second half of the workday seem doable. At the time I was in my late 30’s (or so) and one of the clerks at the store was a young gal around 25ish. She was simply adorable. She had that quirky punk rock aesthetic that I’m a sucker for. I was married at the time and my now ex knew I had a little crush on this person but knew it was harmless and I honestly think she thought the whole thing was kinda sweet. Anyway she was the kind of person that really enjoyed listening to me go on and on about music. (or at the very least she was a great faker) And she would just soak it all up and then later tell me she checked out some damn thing I had suggested. Which was really great for my oh so delicate ego.

She eventually married an equally cute young man with a dorky smile and a mop of hair. Between the two of them they didn’t weight 225#. These were wee folk. And a more perfect match I cannot fathom. My now ex and I were invited to the wedding and it was at an old barn just outside of town. It was a youngish crowd, even by wedding standards, and had an undercurrent of punk rock that I thought was really cool. So we’re sitting there waiting for the bride to make her grand walk and I hear the unmistakable sound of Devotchka’s “How It Ends” I don’t know how familiar are with this track but I assure you it is a singularly odd choice for a bride to make as her song. The song never explicitly tells us things end badly. But all indications are things end HORRIBLY. And as she walked down the aisle and she was scanning all the friends and family in attendance our eyes met and we exchanged a look that said “This is the most BALLER FUCKING SONG ANY BRIDE HAS EVER WALKED TO” Later at the reception she couldn’t stop gushing about picking that song. Several family members had told her that it was a horrible choice and she should consider something more upbeat and happy. God bless her for sticking to her guns and walking to this absolutely emotionally devastating song.

Eventually we would lose touch and I don’t know where the two of them ended up. I don’t know if they made it as a couple. I’d like to think they did. So to Angie and Brandon, wherever you crazy kids are…much love.

  • DFrye

    This story made me sad. It’s a great story but it reminds me of the many, MANY mistakes I have made (and continue to make) with women. One in particular. My perfect match.

    Happy Tuesday everyone!

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        Haha. Took a trip to Depreston yesterday. Nice place but wouldn’t wanna live there.

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    This brought a smile to this old bags face. Worth the risk of smile lines