Have you listened to Get To Heaven, the 2015 album from U.K. art-rock band Everything Everything? It’s one of the best albums of the ’10s, and that ain’t hyperbole. So if you’ve missed out, stop whatever you’re up to and GO LISTEN TO IT. I don’t care if you’re a forklift operator or shrimp catcher. You were probably gonna get fired anyway because you’re on Blocland while operating a dangerous motor vehicle. The loyalty is appreciated, but we’d prefer our readers remain alive. For the clicks.

On that note, Everything Everything’s new single doesn’t come off as the weirdo, uber-political art-rock of Get To Heaven. But “Desire” is still a monster, with an absolute sledgehammer of a chorus and Jonathan Higgs continuing to blow minds with that ferocious falsetto. I haven’t dissected the lyrics yet, but in the press release Higgs ruminates on how “only desire separates the living from the dead.” Interesting! Anyway, I’m pretty fuckin’ excited for the band’s fourth album, A Fever Dream, out next week.


  • DFrye

    Wow. Thanks, Get To Heaven is incredible.

    • Cooolin

      Isn’t it?! These guys get no press outside the U.K. It’s dumb.

      • DFrye


  • alteph.

    I remember being so blown away when I first saw the video for “My Kz, Ur Bf” and then being so mad when Pitchfork gave Man Alive a 3.8.. But I guess what else is new?