2016 was a big year for Gatecreeper. Their album Sonoran Deprevation went on to become one of the most popular extreme metal albums of that year, which is a tough thing to do. Extreme metal never truly reaches a consensus except for when an album is at least ten years old. We’re a picky bunch that way. Gatecreeper managing to pop up pretty much everywhere and stay in the metal collective consciousness with no widespread backlash is commendable. Now these Arizonians have released two new tracks titled “Sweltering Madness” and “Mastery of Power”. Both are heavy, bruising melodic death metal dirges built around eerie riffs and grime soaked atmospheres. If Gatecreeper can keep pumping out tracks like these, I’m sure the metal world will continue to welcome them with open arms. Check out the new tracks below. Also, Gatecreeper features some members of Spirit Adrift who released the masterclass in prog metal Curse of Conception earlier this year. Be sure to check that one out as well.


  • Cooolin

    It’s MADNESS!

    • lobster man

      Of the sweltering kind!

  • Black Antlers

    Is that DFrye in the middle?

    • lobster man

      Frye please explain.