Blocland loves PC Music. Behind their façade of irony and cultural commentary, the label’s been churning out exceptional pop music for years now, all the while through that goofy and unmistakable PC Music filter. In an alternate timeline, Hannah Diamond, Danny L. Harle, and A.G. Cook are household names.

As for GFOTY, I guarantee I’ve revisited her Call Him A Doctor EP more than any other release from 2016. Her conceptually dense follow-up “album”, GFOTYBUCKS, is out this Friday, and you can get whet your whistle with the extremely bizarre video below.

Here’s “Tongue” in its glorious entirety. It’s wacky and wonderful and has me licking my lips (tee hee) for GFOTYBUCKS.

  • lobster man

    it’s a bop!

  • Blochead4real