Hear that? Those are the agonized groans of the Blocland metal establishment over this post. But I won’t be deterred. I have a soft spot for Ghost’s brand of goofy pop-metal and commitment to their absurd and campy shtick.

And so I present to you the band’s new single, “Rats.” It’s what you’d expect from Papa Emeritus and the ghoul gang, a a straight-forward rocker about, presumably, an apocalyptic rodent infestation: “This devastation left your cities to be burned / never to return … Them filthy rodents are still coming for your souls / Never to let go.” Jeepers! I despise rats and all other burrito-sized rodents, so this is startlingly effective. Also, the chorus kinda reminds me of the Flash Gordon theme song.

While Panopticon’s The Scars of Man… might be my favorite metal album of the year, I occasionally need a break from the intensity and melancholy with something that’s unapologetically silly. Ghost scratches that itch while writing damn good tunes.

Their fourth album, Prequelle, is out on June 1.