We here at Blocland were fairly recently advised that the sub-genre “Slinky White Boy Disco” is NOT the preferred nomenclature for what Hot Chip do. Nor is it the correct term for Junior Boys, Cut Copy, and a host of other like-minded artists. So we will not be using that descriptor around here. Cuzza dat respect. I’m going with “Electro-Slink” until further notice. Although I am relatively sure I’m offending slinks. I’m sure there are many fine organic slinks that do not want electro attached to their ilk. Fingers crossed I slide by with this.

Blocland’s esteemed Raptor Jesus has asked me why I’m so infatuated with what amounts to a deep cut by Hot Chip. And I don’t have a solid answer. It’s just got that bare bones sexy vibe that I am a straight up sucka for. Hot Chip always seem to slip some lyrical content in these little songs that is much heavier than the music.

“There was a time when I could explain
Now the words come with weight and blame”

Hot chip have been doing this stuff for a minute now. The Warning came out 11 years ago. There’s zero reason to believe they won’t keep making great dancefloor stuff for years to come.

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