The multi instrumentalist duo, Insect Ark, comprised of Dana Schechter and Ashley Spungin are set to release Marrow Hymns in February. If you take a look at the band’s Facebook page, you’ll see “whiskey” noted as the sole influence. At first, it seems like a charming, but insincere quirk. Under further inspection, I fully believe it. The album’s lead single, “In the Nest”, features a heavy, droning, reverb-soaked lap steel and a steady pounding beat. The atmosphere and overall sound is very much akin to a smooth, slow burn dripping down your throat and the following effect of your face melting off your skull. Give “In the Nest” a listen below.

Marrow Hymns is out 2/23 on Profound Lore Records.

  • Black Antlers

    Aah, this is lovely…Profound Lore brings us the goods once again.

    • lobster man

      No surprises here but I’m excited for this album