People of Blocland, I wish i didn’t have to do this on today of all days, but I’m kicking off our new album heard-it-ing column and it’s called “I’ve Heard It”

This week the album is one I was very excited for, but now I find no joy in anything anymore. It’s called Tourist in This Town by Allison Crutchfield.

It’s gud. Gr8 even. Hell, if she had the decency to release it in an alternate reality where Captain Tupee didn’t just get sworn into office, I’d be absolutely Gaga for it! I might even say that it was my favorite album of the year. But alas, everything has turned to ash and Drake’s Viewzzzz in my ears.

This has been “I’ve heard it” where I heard-it an album and tell u about how I heard it. I’m still bigly depressed.

Photo credit: fuck Donald Trumps tinily hands.

  • scruffy

    Hey fam

    • blochead4real

      Hey Scruffy! Whoa, big gulps huh? Alright… Well, see ya later!”

  • LeMonjello

    I love this feature

  • Padfoot

    Thx 4 the support in this tuff time fam