Live shows are like poached eggs.

Intimidating to some, beloved by many, and when done right (paired with a perfect hollandaise sauce… obvii) they can bestow a gooey yellow blanket of emotions all over yr…breakfast?

Ok maybe that analogy doesn’t work so well. But I Her?-d this album, and I wanted to tell you about this awesome live album I Her?-d today by my favorite egg.

Wait, hold on. Let’s not leave this analogy on a bench in Mexico. Live albums are about as hard to make as poached eggs. Often they fail to capture the real experience, and sound like a watered down version of a normally fried studio album, with weird ass texture to boot. This is a perfectly poached live album. There we go. Crushed it. I deserve a mayonegg for that one.

Oh yeah, the music, it’s good. Egg are a great live band, and they play with some pretty incredible energy. They even left some of the crowd sing-alongs in the mix, which is a great move.

It’s on Bandcamp, and all proceeds go to the Southern Poverty Law Center, who probably could use the dough  I’d embed here but I can’t figure out how to do it on my phone.

First person to comment “Her?” gets a lifetime supply of diamond cream*

* – Provided you comment with your real name and I can pay for said diamond creek with imaginary internet points.

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    Are they funny?

    • Padfoot

      Yah. They funny as hell.

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    Way to plant, padfoot.